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Great British Weddings on Google Earth

Great British Weddings
If you already have Google Earth installed on your P.C you should be able to view this tour automatically by simply clicking on the Lilac Try it Now button above. Once Google Earth has initiated click the play icon on the left handside of your screen.

To view Google Earth on your P.C you must have downloaded it to the P.C you are using. If do not have Google Earth and wish to download it click on the link below. Please follow the instructions and untick/tick boxes where required. Google Earth takes approximately 2 minutes to download and is free

To download GOOGLE EARTH click here

Once on the tour you will see a GB weddings flag above the chosen venue, you may click on this for a brief description of the venue and also to link to their website. Depending on your Google Earth setup this may open in Google Earth's own browser. To avoid this, go to 'tools', 'options' and 'general', and select 'Show web results in external browser'.

If the tour around is a little fast then go to 'tools' 'options' 'touring' and try simply resetting tour speeds to default settings. When exiting Google Earth you should click No to the option to save the temporary file of the tour.

Using various buttons on the left on Google Earth you can tailor your visit to show or decline various points and places of interest.
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